What to expect in a Reiki session?

You might be wondering what exactly happens in a Reiki Session. I offer 30 and 60 minute sessions. It’s easy – you will be very comfortable – you may even fall asleep – that’s the deep level of relaxation you will feel from Reiki.
When we get together we will discuss what you are looking for from the reiki session – what would you like this energy to do for you? There are no limits to what you can ask Reiki to do for you. As it is energy – it will intuitively find the places it needs to go, but asking for specifics doesn’t hurt. Reiki is a collaboration between the client, practitioner and energy.
During the reiki session you will be lying on a massage table. I start by placing my hands on your shoulders I will asking you what, I will also ask you to invite in the spirits of your friends, family – even pets – living or passed to share this experience with you.
As the session moves on, I will place my hands on or over your Chakras or energy points on your body to clear and balance them as well, moving any negative energy out. When my hands are on these points, you might feel tingling or heat (or nothing) – that’s all normal. When he session is over, I will ask you to slowly open your eyes and I will turn up the lights – you should feel relaxed and energized.
As with a massage, you should drink lots of water afterwards.
I have met many people who have told me that after a session they have run the gamut of emotions from crying their eyes out because old issues were pushed up and need to be dealt with to incredible peace to nothing but a feeling of wellbeing. Reiki is an amazing tool, gentle and always positive.

About the author: Linda Herron

Linda Herron owner of Fresh Spirit has been a Reiki Master since 2009, offering Reiki for all beings as well as Animal Communication, Reiki Classes, Young Living Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and ResQ products for healing people and animals.