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When I took my first Reiki class 6 years ago, I knew a little bit about it but I did know this was something I needed to know. The class was a 9-5 day and there were many things to learn and do. We were attuned to Reiki Level 1 and as strange as it sounds – that attunement was the thing that brought it home for me – and for all the subsequent levels. Each time it was an extremely profound experience for me – I cannot tell you why, but it definitely resonated deep within me. I believe it does for all the students in their own way.

I will tell you that Reiki can be a stepping off point for learning other modalities – they definitely choose you. But no matter what you learn after you have learned Reiki you never leave it very far behind. Reiki is simple, but does big things and it’s not just about healing, it’s about peace of mind and peace of heart. Reiki is beautiful in its simplicity and is uses are endless.

I would love to teach classes for anyone who is truly interested in learning. The hardest thing about it is to let go of your ego and lead with your heart. Open yourself up to all the possibilities the Universe has to offer and take it in.

If you are interested in taking a Reiki Level 1 class, I would love to teach one. You will be a practitioner from the start and your best client will be you. The healer must heal him or herself – daily self-Reiki is key to helping others – and yes, you will be able to offer Reiki to anyone. You are the conduit for this wonderful energy.

So, ask yourself what are you looking to accomplish?

If it’s something amazing, then I will be glad to help you. As this will be the first class I will be teaching, I will need to see how many people will be interested in learning. Everything will work out in its own time and when it’s time – we will all know!!

I am looking forward to it!