In Search of Healing, Positive Energy

It’s all about letting go.
The search isn’t that far – energy is everywhere – learning how to release negative energy that is no longer serves you is the key. It allows healing, positive in. There are many ways you can do this …
Forgiveness works wonders in releasing negative energy – you don’t have to do it in person – the person doesn’t even need to be living anymore – by you forgiving someone you help yourself let go of the negativity you are holding on to and don’t even know it. Allow it to move out. Be grateful that it is leaving and thank it for the lessons you have learned.
Meditating helps as well – you learn a lot about yourself with meditation and if you open your heart and allow healing energy in, you will start to see changes happen in your life.
Loving yourself brings positive energy in and helps you realize what you don’t need to hang on to
Reiki can help you as well – it will help move out and clear energies that are holding you back. You help in this by asking Reiki to help you (and me) move it along and out.
Life is about changing and growing. It’s also about putting out positive energy and thoughts to get the same back.

About the author: Linda Herron

Linda Herron owner of Fresh Spirit has been a Reiki Master since 2009, offering Reiki for all beings as well as Animal Communication, Reiki Classes, Young Living Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and ResQ products for healing people and animals.