Essential Oils and Reiki

Are Essential Oils and Reiki the Magic Mix?

Essential oils have a wonderful smelling place in my heart. I love them and use them pretty much every day for all kinds of things.
How do incorporate them with Reiki? There are many oils and blends of oils that are very relaxing and lend themselves easily to be diffused during a session. You are not inundated with any strong smells – a diffuser is used out a mist of scent – it’s not overwhelming it’s just in the background making things pleasant.
If you’re willing, sometimes a close range whiff of peppermint helps relaxation as well. Don’t like peppermint – there are many other oils to choose from.
When I give myself Reiki I personally like Patchouli oil before I start – it really clears anything negative energy that might be lurking about and helps create the perfect environment for me.
I am always trying different things that make the experience of a Reiki session as comfortable as possible.

About the author: Linda Herron

Linda Herron owner of Fresh Spirit has been a Reiki Master since 2009, offering Reiki for all beings as well as Animal Communication, Reiki Classes, Young Living Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and ResQ products for healing people and animals.