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Your dreams have been showing that you that you are a healer. First you must be a healer of self then you can go on
~Message from a Meditation 9/2000


These are some of the things I am interested in. Give me a call for more information.

Reiki Session

Be one with your Mind, Body and Spirit

If you’ve never had a Reiki session before you might be wondering what exactly happens. This is a collaboration between me and you. You can choose, by intention, to accept as much or little energy as you are comfortable with. When we get together for the session, we will discuss what you would like the energy to do for you. This isn’t like a regular massage, there is no manipulation of muscle, but it is hands on (if that’s okay with you) and the areas covered are your energy centers – also known as Chakras. There are seven of them from crown to root and each one as has its own color.

Once we are ready to work, I will start by placing my hands on your shoulders (this is where your intention really comes in hand – but say it to yourself … it’s what you want!) Talking is fine during the session, the energy will still flow and goes where you need it. You may even fall asleep! The key is to be relaxed and enjoy.

When the session is over and you are back to the present, you will feel relaxed. Sometimes, Reiki energy will help bring up old “stuff” for you to let go of – release, release, release … that’s what it’s all about. It’s all for positive change.

It is my hope that you will enjoy your session – and come back for more!

Disclaimer: Reiki is not meant to replace your doctor’s care and advice, but work in harmony with your doctor.

Reiki for all Beings

Everything can use a little help!

I mentioned in my home page that I offer to all beings. More than likely, if a flying saucer landed on my front lawn I would give Reiki to the occupants a Reiki session!

As a friend of mine said don’t keep Reiki in a box - so, I don’t. I sent Reiki to the plants on my desk at work. Most of them came from other people and were in pretty rough shape. With a little Reiki and TLC, they are beautiful and so healthy.

When I hear about an accident on the tollway or some incident on the other side of the world – I send Reiki to the situation. Think about all of the things you hear and see in your life that could use some positive Reiki energy. Bet you could easily write down five at least. As I drive to work each day I send Reiki to all the drivers – I started by sending Reiki to the drivers that I would encounter on my way to work, now I send it to all the drivers on all the streets and highways during rush hour.

I am in a group that sends prayers and Reiki to anyone who requests it no matter what the reason. We each receive e-mails with requests from people all over. That would be a constant stream of prayers and energy going to each person!

As you can see, Reiki can be used in any situation. It’s subtle, it can be life changing and sometimes it’s a stepping stone to other modalities. By now you can see the point – Reiki is Universal Energy and can be used for all universal things. It is positive energy used for the higher good of all.

Distance Reiki

Energy is everywhere!

Sending distance Reiki for someone is not unlike praying – you say a prayer for someone without giving a thought to how it gets to the person you’re sending it to or if it will get there at all – you just have faith that it works.

It’s the same thing with sending Reiki to someone – your intention is to help the person you’re sending it to. If they are not available to give you permission, then Reiki is send to their situation. If someone’s parent is in the hospital or having surgery, then we can send Reiki to the operating room, the surgeon and all the people who are helping the surgeon perform surgery. The intention is to have them work at their highest and safest skill level for the patient’s well-being and then you send Reiki for the patient for their speedy recovery and highest and best care by the hospital staff. It sounds like a lot, but really, when you send a prayer for someone who is ill, isn’t that what your intention is?

I am currently in a prayer and Reiki group where people send in their requests for help for themselves or other people and we send prayers and Reiki – because we don’t send at the same time it’s a constant current of prayers and energy going to the person or situation with some amazing results.

It works for animals as well and in the same manner. I use this method to help cats and dogs in shelters. I send it with the intention that they all fine their perfect forever homes that are right for them with people who love them and will take care of them throughout their entire lives. Do I know what the outcome is – not always, but it really doesn’t matter – I know my intention is powerful as is the Reiki energy.

Distance Reiki works for every situation and is always a way to help in many ways.

Peace with Nature

Mother Nature can be an amazing healer

Mother Nature loves when we notice the little things she offers – that heart shaped leaf that fell to the ground on your path, the interaction of the birds in the trees right outside your window, that magnificent orange sunset on your way home. How many times do we miss these things?

When we start walking in the park or sit and soak in the fresh air it changes us. How many things do we miss? If you enjoy bike riding – blow the dust off your bike and ride through the forest preserves. There are a lot of little breathtaking things to see. Walk there with friends, too – you can always step aside for the bike riders, right?

Besides, if you offer your carbon dioxide to the trees they will give you oxygen in return! That’s a pretty good deal! I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “stop and smell the roses” … well, what are you waiting for – watch the bee delicately gather pollen from that flower – don’t worry about him stinging you – he has more important things to do. If you have to stop for a flock of geese or ducks, don’t get mad because you’re late – watch them interact with each other, it may just lighten your heart.

Take a really good look at the tree on the other side of your window – you may be surprised what you see and how much life it takes care of – even a dead tree supports life. It’s a beautiful thing all of it.

When you are in Nature it changes you – you become more centered and less stressed, possibly even to the point of rethinking what you’re doing with your life. All the while Mother Nature smiles.

Be still and listen. The Earth is singing.

Essential Oils

They can do some interesting things!

Essentials oils have been around since Biblical times … probably longer and can be used for so many things. My personal choice is Young Living Essential Oils – they are pure therapeutic grade oils and can be used in so many ways from you own person rituals to diffusing to cooking to healing. There are many essential oils out there so if you do choose sometime else, please make sure they are pure and not mixed with any chemicals.

I am allergic to perfume so I knew these were the real deal when I could smell them and not have a migraine – no watery eyes or welts where I put them on my body this was not the same thing. I decided to try what Young Living calls the “Everyday Oils Kit” - it was a good way to start for me. I was shocked and amazed to see the things they could do. Now you have to be “safe” and have appropriate verbiage or you get a notice from three lettered official people. But I digress – they smell heavenly (although there are a few that could make you wonder …).

I like using Frankincense under my eyes in the morning – makes those bags go away. Three drops of lemon oils in water and sprayed on your counters can keep them clean and sterile. Lavender can be very calming and even help you sleep – rub it on your feet – one drop per foot and it should help you relax. It’s also very good for bug bites or bee stings it stops itching and helps reduce swelling. Peppermint can help a headache and is good for concentration. There are a lot of things you can do with them.

Just remember, if you’re going to try essential oils I would love if you got them from me, but no matter what, please make sure they are pure therapeutic grade oils.

Animal Communication

What is your pet really thinking…?

I get a lot of questions when I tell people I’m an Animal Communicator – from “so you’re an animal whisperer” to “you can teach my animal to talk to me?”.

The one thing you learn about animal communication is to get out of your own way and believe what you are hearing. It’s called intuition – we were all born with it, but we forgot how to use it.

Everyone has different ways to communicate and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the beauty of the gifts we have. Some people can do it on the fly as if the animal was working with is sitting in their lap, some get so much information it’s hard for them to write it all down! I get words, pictures and phrases, but even that’s changing and every session is different.

When someone requests a private reading for their pet – I ask for a photo and if there is anything specific the pet owner would like to know. I usually do the initial session on my own and I pick up energy from the photo. When I have completed the session, I will either go the person’s home or over the phone and go over everything I’ve learned.

It never ceases to amaze me how much our animals have to teach us and what we can learn for ourselves. All animals live in the moment, except for the human animal who lives in the past and frets about the future. Animals tell it like it is - they are honest without being cruel.

I also offer Reiki for animals – it is a perfect match for them. They are very aware of all the energy around them and they respond in their own ways to Reiki energy. As with humans, Reiki relaxes them and helps them heal.

About Fresh Spirit Works

My name is Linda Herron.

I am one ordinary woman living a most extraordinary life.

I am a Reiki Master / Teacher and an Animal Communicator.
I have been many things to many people and have many interests, but working with all beings is where my heart lies … helping someone balance mind, body and spirit and see them love what they’ve experienced through a Reiki session or working with an animal and their human through animal communication and see their bond strengthen are the things that make what I do the most exhilarating and fulfilling thing I have ever done.

The one thing I know for sure is that the learning and ability never ends it just keeps getting better and stronger. The more I learn the more I can offer to those I work with. The best lesson I have learned is that everyone’s ability may be different but the result is the same – positive and healing energy.

Wouldn’t you love to try a Reiki session with me? I am a relaxed and fun person to be around and I love what I do and will do my best to make you comfortable so you can just lie back and let Reiki’s energy flow through you. I think you’ll find it soothing … I know you will like how you feel afterwards.

My prices are reasonable and I offer 3 and 5 session packages as well. Don’t forget about your pets … I can do a reading for your pet over the phone or at your home – I also offer Reiki for animals.

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